Jeff Dwyer

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Jeff Dwyer

About Jeff

Jeff Dwyer was born in Massachusetts, and he attended public schools there. He's sold many things and had a lot of strange jobs. For summer employment while attending college, his father found him work as a railroad and warehouse laborer at Norton Company. He learned how to move heavy objects, operate a forklift truck and punch a time clock.

He enlisted in the Navy, spent four years avoiding death and was honorably discharged. After attending three different institutions of higher learning, he obtained an undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts.

Although his family encouraged him towards corporate employment, instead, he chose experimentation and became a serial entrepreneur. He's worked as a bookseller, publisher, art dealer, literary agent and developed a lot of real estate.

With his wife and two cats, he splits his time between Florida and New England. When he's not trying to earn money, he's having a good time and avoiding social media.